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beeHelp the Environment and the Bees!

EZBinz is committed to helping our environment by doing our part to reduce waste and support the local Bee Campaign!

EZBinz are convenient and eco-friendly. It’s no secret that landfills and parts of the ocean are heavily burdened by garbage, consumer waste, and a lot of cardboard!

Using EZBinz helps reduce cardboard and moving related waste in landfills and our environment. Every year, 1/5th of the population moves! That adds up to a lot of cardboard. Do your part to reduce waste and help our environment during your next move.

Bees are an important part of our fragile eco-system. In recent decades, for mostly unknown reasons, the Bee population has dramatically reduced. EZBinz supports local efforts to strengthen the Bee population and score some delicious local honey in the process!

Contact Us:  Phone (206) 457-2469 or Email  Alicia@EZBinz.com